story of a princess of india

Here I am to told a story of seven girls in a family of a worshiper’s.
seven girls are very bad habit like thieve from home and eat much food and
many more. One day mother of seven girls go to the village to beg some food for
making some bred to treat her husband. and he beg some food and create cake
for her husband and go for some other work and the the seven girls went to home and
smell some cake and then they eat all the cake and think what should tell the mother
when she come and time elapsed mother came to home and see the cake is evaporated
then she asked to her seven daughter where is the cake she made befour go for some
work. The seven girls tell the mother the cat is eating the cake and then mother asked
her daughter that cat has a broken leg or not. daughter says yes mother. then the
mother of seven daughter understand the cake is eaten by her daughter and then
she wait for her husband. some time after in the evening came the father of seven daughter
came to home. and want to eat food then the mother said your daughters ate all food.
and said we cant afford seven daughter in this condition. in that night husband sleep
with a empty belly and think of her wife’s talk of we cant afford seven daughter
and then she got an idea for her daughters when son appear on the sky. the husband
said her wife i have an idea to leave seven girls. wife asked how to leave our seven
girl husband said to her wife to tell the daughter we are going to uncle’s house for a
vacation and ready for the girls to go. and then the girls are going with his

In the jungle so many trees on the way of the girls and the middle daughter said the
father how many mile away to her uncle’s house so the father said the house of uncle
is not much away. the father said in the middle of the jungle this is the right place to
throw the girls and go to home. the father said keep stay here i am going to piss
don’t go any where i come here after some time and go to piss. after one hour seven girls
are afraid that where is her father gone. after three or four hour later the elder girl
said this is our fault. we do much mistakes so the father left us here ( the middle of the
jungle) the middle girl said we are in the jungle what can i do.
Jungle is not a good place for seven girls. after seven or eight hours later on girls
have an idea to survive in the middle of the jungle. they got an idea to stay safe
branch of a tree. then the seven girls started climbing to the tree when they started climbing
to the tree in the same way a king going to her palace after a sikar in the jungle.
When the king cross the jungle he seen seven girls sitting on a branch of a tree.

then the king said their worriers to catch the girls from this tree. after catching
all seven girls from the tree the king asked girls who are and where are you come from.
and what are you doing here said (all seven girls) we are here because our father
cant afford seven daughter. the king asked what can you do for me one girl said
I can make food stuff for all warriors on your palace, and the second daughter said
I can clean your palace and third daughter said I can birth seven child for you and the fourth
daughter said I am a very good mathematician I can serve as a accountant job for you my king.
fifth daughter said I can do good care of you. so the king said to the minister so you
Know the job of these girls. and I want to marry that girl who can born seven children for me.
then the king and the seven girls go to the kingdom of the king and do what they said.
And after some time the king marry that girl who can born seven children for king.
After marry that girl king spent some beautiful time with the girl
Who can thing a girl from a little village one day became the queen of a kingdom.

After two year the that girl became pregnant and the king was very happy about the
decision he made be-four some year and the king was very happy. but some of the queen
jealous about that sister became queen and they became servants so they think if we can
kill the children of their sister the king will angry and marry another sister of the
queen. and the time came to the queen delivery seven child as she said to the king.
But the jealous sisters of the princess take the children and throw them to the pond
and take seven children of wood and replace the children with wood. and then some hour
after king come to the room of the queen after coming to the room he watch seven
wooden child in the bed of the queen and king became angry and said you lied me that
you can give me seven children. and the king said your are a lied and you don’t tell me the
truth about your seven children so now you are not my queen and you are work for my
Horses with you and you are a witch and you ate my son and you think you are my queen
Your place with my horses and don’t you dare to come to the my palace and one more thing
get lost I don’t want to see you here i don’t want to see you front of my face If you think
I forgive you then you had a mistake of thinking read more