Download Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants (2013) Full Movie 720p

Movie Info:

Full Name: Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants
Release Year: 2013
Country: India
Subtitles: N/A
Runtime: 1h 29m
Language: [English]
Quality: 720p


A newly hatched ladybug is bullied by group of flies and attempts to fly away, but the flies chase after it. The ladybug crashes and breaks off a wing. Unable to locate its family, the ladybug shelters in a tin for the night. The tin is full of sugar cubes, part of an abandoned picnic. In the morning, various bugs are carrying off the spoils of the picnic. A foraging patrol of black ants find the sugar and start carrying off the tin, with the ladybug still inside, to their nest. The ants encounter a patrol of red ants and give them a sugar cube as a peace offering, but the red ants pursue them for the rest of the sugar. The black ants escape by sliding down an embankment and into a stream on the tin. The ladybug falls overboard and the ants rescue it from becoming a hungry fish’s lunch. The red ants pursue them down stream in a soda can. They all go over a waterfall and the tin washes up on the shore down stream. The black ants pick up the sugar cubes and start hauling them back to their nest.


Download Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants (English) 720p [705MB]

Note:- This movie is not dubbed in hindi. So you will not find it’s hindi dubbed version anywhere.

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